July 27th - 29th 2018

Thursday, Jul 26th 2018

Pre drinks at Kosmos (20.00 – open end)

Free of charge for all guests ++ Meeting point: Pub "Kosmos Sankt Liederlich", Paul-Roosen-Straße 25, 22767 Hamburg (Google Maps)

If you are already here on Thursday you are cordially invited to join the pre drinks evening at "Kosmos". Some of the organisers will be there to welcome you (easy to detect by their white Hamburg Invasion organiser t-shirts). We will have some wristbands with us and we are ready to do your registration right away on spot – just in case you would like to escape the looong line for registration on Friday. But don't wait too long – most probably we will turn to the bar and have some drinks from a certain time onwards - and what happens then…

Friday, Jul 27th 2018

Walking Tour Kontorhouse-quarter and Old Warehouse District (11.45 – 14.00)

Free of charge for all guests ++ Please register online ++ Spots limited ++ Meeting point: In the inner court of "Chilehaus", Fischertwiete 2, 20095 Hamburg (Google Maps)

Hi – I am Sonja. This is a highlight I was looking for. We managed to get a professional guide and he will introduce us to the insights of "Kontorhäuser" which are closely linked to the old warehouse district. So everybody interested in architecture should book this tour. The thing is that the "Kontorhäuser" can only be visited during weekdays – at weekends they are closed. That's why so far we were never able to show them. More background information can be found on facebook or just contact me.

Official Opening: Registration and live music with 5 bands (18.00 – 24.00)

Free with wristband OR 4.00 EUR ++ Location: Kamm In, Brüderstraße 2, 20355 Hamburg (Google Maps)

From 6 p.m. onwards we are impatiently waiting for you to come to "Kamm In" to pick up your wristband and to experience an unforgettable evening with us. In ordinary life "Kamm In" is a rockabilly hairdressing salon which has a fully equipped stage in its basement which we are allowed to enter. As already published we will have - hold on tight - five bands playing and expect you to bring along your own instrument/voice or just an open mind and will to enter the stage. It would be awesome if we succeeded to do some jam sessions – just bringing together the people. We will sit right near the entrance to do the registration and maybe some last bookings. And there you go: meet up with new and old friends, playing kicker and of course enjoy tons of music! If you bring friends who haven't signed up yet online, they can still do so directly at "Kamm In" and if there are still free places they can also book tours.

Saturday, Jul 28th 2018

Canoeing and paddleboat (11.00 – 15.00)

15.00 EUR, necessary to pay upfront while booking ++ Spots limited ++ Meeting Point: U1 Metro Station "Klosterstern", exit "Eppendorfer Baum" (the one with escalators) (Google Maps)

Hi, Irfan and Jan-Reinhold here. Like every year we offer a canoe and paddleboat tour – our famous best seller! Please keep in mind that this tour does not lead you to touristic spots or through the city center. There are plenty of people who wish to take part in this ever famous activity - so reserve your place. We are looking forward to enjoy some hours of fun with you, paddeling through the canals of beautiful Hamburg.

Classical touristic spots-tour (15.45 – 19.00)

8.00 EUR ++ Tour will run with at least 15 registrations (you get your money back otherwise) ++ Spots limited ++ Meeting point: In Front of town hall main entrance, Rathausmarkt 1, 20095 Hamburg (Google Maps)

It's me again – Sonja. You can see – I am really interested in buildings and architecture. This time I offer to show you the classical touristic spots of Hamburg including an exclusive guided tour in English language through the town hall. We will start right away with the guided tour through the town hall and continue afterwards with other touristic attractions. The maritime side of Hamburg is not included in this tour. That would just be too much. So I am looking forward to show you my Hamburg.

Chill at Planten & Blomen (16.00 – open end)

Free of charge for all guests ++ Meeting point:Google Maps

From 4 p.m. onwards you will also have the option to just chill, relax and have a nice chat with other couchsurfers and like minded. Therefor, we will have reserved a nice place close to the ice skating area at Planten & Blomen. Please take the entrance for the ice skating area; from that point there will be signs which will guide you to the meeting spot. Although - you will most probably easily find us – just follow the way to the group giggling the most and having the most fun.

Main party (22.00 – open end)

Free with wristband OR 8.00 EUR ++ If you have the wristband you get two drink vouchers for free! ++ Location: MS Stubnitz, Kirchenpauerkai 26, Baakenhafen, 20457 Hamburg Google Maps

Let’s turn to the real important stuff! This year we have got a really amazing and extraordinary location for you: We succeeded to get hold of MS Stubnitz – a martial and frightening looking ship which was converted into a club. Isn’t that awesome? You can expect not less than 2 DJs who will serve you during the 6 hours of crazy dancing and excitement, draught beer (they really have) and a great overview over our river Elbe. We have a corner where you can do selfies and upload them on the respective site. Be creative and fun because the best pictures will win real cool prizes. You can take pictures just with yourself or together with your friends - everything is allowed. The organizers will decide about the best pictures during the evening. Does that all sound good to you? We are waiting for you 🙂 !

One of the DJs is DJ Max Quintenzirkus, who is reknown for his Balkanbeats and Electroswing.
Check out his sound: https://www.soundcloud.com/max-quintenzirkus/max-qunitenzirkus-mixli-tape and his Facebook Page.

Sunday, Jul 29th 2018

Visit of fish market after the main party (early morning)

Free of charge for all guests ++ Meeting Point: MS Stubnitz, Kirchenpauerkai 26, Baakenhafen, 20457 Hamburg, (Google Maps)

After the main party the night is of course not over yet. In the early hours of Sunday we will guide you to the famous Hamburg fish market – everybody should have seen it once in his life and the addicted will join this tour over and over again. You would like to buy 10 kg of bananas or avocados – this is your day. Of course you can still buy fish here.

Maritime tour (14.00 – 17.00)

Only costs for public transport ++ Spots limited ++ Meeting point: In front of Elbphilharmonie main entrance, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg, (Google Maps)

After a hard night we don’t want to stress anybody and have a relaxed day instead. What better than to have a closer look at the maritime side of Hamburg? You will see our new and very famous concert hall (you have fantastic look over the harbour from there), we will take a ferry, have a look at the old “Elbtunnel”, visit “Dockland”… Interested: Then join this tour!

Smooth walk around the Alster lake (14.00 – 16.00)

Free of charge for all guests ++ Spots limited++ Meeting point: In front of café “Alster Cliff”, address: Fährdamm 31, 20148 Hamburg, (Google Maps)

If you are not into the maritime flair of our harbour and you don’t like ferries – why not join the smooth walk around our very beautiful lake named Alster? It takes about 2 hours to surround it – we could have a break inbetween, grab an ice cream, something to drink. Everything is open. At the end this walk will lead us to the barbecue spot, where some organizers are already waiting for us with the grills already on fire.

Farewell barbecue (15.00 – open end)

Free with wristband OR 5.00 EUR, food and barbecue equpiment is included ++ Meeting point: designed barbecue area of “Stadtpark”, (Google Maps)

This awesome week end is slowly coming to an end and you are cordially invited to join the farewell barbecue which takes place in Stadtpark – the green lung of Hamburg. There we have a lot of space to chill, play around and do crazy things. We will do the shopping in the morning and we will bring all the good stuff you want to eat after the exhausting party. You can catch up with us at U-Bahn/Metro Borgweg (U3) at 3 p.m. and also at 4 p.m. so you can take the walk to the park with locals. Food is provided, but please bring your own drinks 🙂 .

Water and light concert (21.00 – open end)

Free of charge for all guests ++ Meeting point: Outside "Planten un Blomen-"exit of metro station "Messehallen", line U2, (Google Maps)

You can not leave Hamburg without having seen the water and light concert at Planten & Blomen. After the barbecue we want to close this wonderful week end with mesmerising colourful lights dancing to the rhythm of film music, adapted by Héctor Gonzáles Pino. We will guide you to Planten & Blomen where you will enjoy a magical performance.

Monday, Jul 30th 2018

Whole day excursion to the Baltic Sea (09.30 – around 20.00)

Between 12.00 and 15.00 EUR depending on number of participants ++ Limited spots ++ Meeting point: In Front of "DB Reisezentrum" in the northern section of Hamburg central station (Google Maps)

Here we have a special treat for all those who are still in Hamburg and who are looking forward to cool down from this amazing week end: After Hamburg Invasion comes Hamburg Escape! Our sympathic team member Nikhil will bring you to the Baltic Sea, more exactly to Scharbeutz, to chill out at the beach. A small stopover in Lübeck to visit this pittoresque town is also planned. The fee for this excursion has to be paid on site and includes the train ticket and the tourist tax which has to be paid in Scharbeutz.

After drinks at Kosmos (20.00 – open end)

Free of charge for all guests ++ Meeting point: Pub "Kosmos Sankt Liederlich", Paul-Roosen-Straße 25, 22767 Hamburg (Google Maps)

Everybody still being here on Monday and not being too exhausted by that terrible week end is invited to join the after party drinks at Kosmos. At least we will be there, licking our wounds and exchanging the awesome stories everybody experienced. So we are waiting for you to share yours.

Order your t-shirt



It would not be a perfect event if you could not buy yourself a t-shirt to be appropriately dressed for the party or provide yourself a souvenir. Like the other years you have the possibility to buy yourself a t-shirt with the logo and the motto of the event on it. This year we stayed with the colour royal blue and the price is EUR 15,49 (men and women). If you are interested please check out the following website for more information: https://www.shop.spreadshirt.de/itsallaboutyou/