July 27th - 29th 2018


The Hamburg Invasion is a big international meetup of travelers and likeminded people in Hamburg, Germany from July 27th to 29th 2018. Join us for a weekend of fun, party, culture, new friends and much more! It's organized completely on volunteer basis in cooperation with several local venues. To cover the costs we collect an attendance fee.


This all started as one of the CouchSurfing Camps and used to be known as HHUP- Hamburg unsere Perle, Hamburg Invasion. To combine several hospitality gatherings in Hamburg the "CS" for CouchSurfing was left out of the event's name to welcome all travelers, new Hamburgers and local likeminded. Hamburg Invasion has been taking place already six times. Within the last years the event has grown and changed and plenty of new friendsships were made.


All the credits of previous Invasion years go to:

Isa, Liliana, Sumit, Irfan, Dan, Ann, Claire, Jan, Ian and Andreas, Anh, Graham, Tiago, Maryam, David, Florian, Steve, Darren, Kasia, Ole, Dennis, David C., Sonja, Christian, Ben & Max.

 Thanks to Raj for the permission to use his awesome pictures from previous invasions and to Maxim for summing up all of them together on our Facebook-Page


To take a look in previous years you can take a look in Steve's promotion videos from last year: